Woodworking with Live Edges

Woodworking with edges is a furniture style where the craftsman or woodworker integrates the natural edge of the wood into the design. Gnarly wood such as salvage wood, mesquite and alligator juniper for instance is difficult if not impossible to work with in conventional woodworking as there are challenges to working with these particular wood types.  Live edge methods are used to handle “difficult” wood material.


Stone Lake Creations utilizes woodworking with live edges especially large slabs to establish a feature wall that frames a living room or fireplace back wall. The effect is a rustic wooded feel and can work excellently if the living room is an open space area that has a multi-story element to it.

In custom furniture a live edge slab may also be integrated into custom furniture such s a big sofa or a bed frame. Even cabinet sets may be custom built to incorporate live edge wood.

The most common areas in home décor using live edges would have to be dining room tables as the wood creates that natural earthy feel that can allow diners to connect with mother nature. Let Stone Lake Creations take you to the next level of customization with live edging methods.

Jrhoades Team