Custom Trim

Stone Lake Creations Custom Trim services can make any furniture create a significant statement and can tie the room’s décor together. Our custom trim designs also make interesting conversation pieces too.

Getting Custom Trim work provides a touch of:

Elegance – Can make any ordinary space and transform it to something special.  The presence of intricate designs and carvings and the custom trim will create an element sophisticated style and class.

Exclusivity — When you request custom trim from us you are not only getting something that you want but something very exclusive too as well. Your guests and visitors will be impressed no doubt when they see a one-of-a-kind trim design and indoor décor that exactly match the vision you have planned.

Adaptable – Our custom trim can be added to a number of different places in your home. We can design it in order to fit around your mantle, doorway, bookcase and fireplace. There are so many opportunities to create that perfect touch in any area of your home.

Jrhoades Team