Custom Mantle

Mantle pieces also known as chimneypiece or simply fireplace mantles originally hoods that projected over a grate in order to catch smoke but lately it has evolved into a form of decorative framework normally installed around the fireplace. This can include elaborate and intricate designs that may even extend to the ceiling and is considered the most artistic feature of a room. Stone Lake Creations offer custom mantles to provide your home with a unique look that can create a mood or a theme, a beautiful ornate piece to add to your interior architecture.


A custom mantle frames out your fireplace and instantly makes it more attractive. No longer is a fireplace just a fireplace as it can be so much more. It can be a reflection of your style and sophistication. An instant centerpiece to any room, a defining point of your esthetic.

Custom mantles designed to your specifications and created by Stone Lake artisans is the fittest place to put your special family heirlooms, photos and kid’s Christmas stockings.


A custom mantle can be made to accommodate most spaces in your home. Depending on your preference, the custom mantle can be made to fit on a straight wall or in corners. Add some storage options to work perfectly with your entertainment center so you can place your flat screen TVs on top. The choice is yours.

Jrhoades Team