CNC Milling

Stone Lake Creations offers CNC milling, a process similar to drilling and cutting using a rotating cylindrical cutting tool.  The rotating tool is able to move along different axes in order to create different shapes, slots and holes.  One can create three dimensional objects and engrave images, words, sketches and even signatures. Basically, anything that can be scanned.

Stone Lake Creations offer

  • Precise transition from concept, to design and production
  • Virtually, all drawing formats can be translated
  • Can able to handle big production runs
  • Can quickly make one-of-kind custom or prototype items
  • Production cycle times can be predicted
  • Design revisions can be done quickly


CNC Turning/Lathe

Stone Lake Creations is able to make complex designs possible with the use of the CNC Turning process. When making custom furniture for large production runs one requires an assembly line of parts made according to specifications. Doing all of these by hand can be a tiresome and cumbersome process.  Different geometries, dimensions and surface qualities need to be on point depending on the part needed for the piece and the process ensures all these are done precisely and on schedule.

CNC Lathe

We use a CNC lathe, which is essentially a device where material turns around an axis at high speed and cutting tools directed by computer software to remove excess material in order to produce a specific part specification.

Production Runs

Stone Lake Creations can comply with small and large production runs. Do you need ten pieces of the same furniture or fifty? Do you have a deadline for your project? No worries because at Stone Lake Creations we create custom furniture for you in bulk or individually as needed.

Jrhoades Team