Built-In Products


Our skilled wood workers can ensure that you will not be limited to standard configuration and sizes with regard to shelving. You can design the shelves with the element that works best for you.  Design shelving to place stuff at the exact height for the best working comfort.  Virtually, unlimited storage options for shelves, our woodworkers can work around the space you have in order to give you the best possible configurations.  We can design full size boxes with adjustable shelves and more. Set your living space free of clutter with the right shelving solution.

Entertainment Centers

With big flat screen smart HDTVS becoming the standard and more and more electronic gadgets available such as game consoles, Blu ray players and more,  there is a need to have the right space to store these items without being a distraction to the entire feel and look of a room. Custom entertainment centers are the perfect way to store away these gadgets and use them as needed.  Stone Lake Creations woodworkers can design based on the available space you have and integrate features such as cubby holes for cables and electronic wires as well as shelving configurations based on what gadget you use most to match your lifestyle.


Closets come in different shapes and sizes depending on the size of the space they are going to be kept. However, it is rare to find a closet that actually has the storage features you need. Looking for a closet with a built-in mirror? Do you want a closet that reflects a certain style period? Are walk-in closets you type of thing? Do you want your shoes to be properly displayed in your closet? We can integrate adjustable shelving for your shoes or sweater racks and even a fold down ironing board and more can be done with the help of skilled craftsmen at Stone Lake Creations.  We can design a closet for you from scratch in order to fit your needs and lifestyle. Do you have different height requirements for other members of the family? No sweat as you can incorporate various closet heights as well into the design.

Jrhoades Team